Characteristics Of Montessori

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Society is the aggregate of people, in general, thought of as living together in more or less organized communities with shared laws, traditions, and values. It is based on relationship among people, and if more than two people are gathered, it can be a society. and Furthermore, social life may refer to an individual's interpersonal relationships. Each individual in the world belongs to a society and has a responsibility not to derange the order of the society as a part of it.
People label themselves to identify themselves; compared with others to find out who they are, such as “I am a American, I am a mother,” and so on. An individual needs others to label himself. Society create different characteristics, such as asocial, antisocial, sociable, and socialized person. Asocial means avoiding social interactions
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There are many kinds of people in a society and the age range is also wide. The child can have wider experienced in the society by interacting efferent people and it brings him to a higher level of development. Most schools separate children by age, but it is unnatural as a society and it takes away a chance to develop proper social skill from the child. Dr. Maria Montessori express it as, “It breaks the bonds of social life, deprives it of nourishment.” Younger children absorb many things from older children by observing them in the environment, and older children learn to take care of younger children. It develops the admiration of younger children toward the older and motivation to develop themselves. On the other hand, the older start feel the responsibility to take care of others and self-confidence. Moreover, Dr. Montessori discovered that the children a natural mental “osmosis”; the children can teach each other and it is easier to understand than have explanations from adults in most
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