Characteristics Of My Greatest Strengths

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Three of my greatest strengths, which I also perceive as my abilities, are patience, empathy, and determination. From a young age, these characteristics allowed me to mentor and support my aunt when she was most vulnerable. Additionally, I utilized these traits as a backbone throughout my high school years and undergraduate time. At home, I am the oldest and only girl of four younger brothers, ages ranging from 4-to-12. During high school, I worked part-time, held positions on school 's clubs, volunteered through agencies and assisted my brothers with homework and dropped them to school every morning. I effectively sustained each position because I naturally cared about everyone around me, was determined to be independent, stay active in my community and obtain an education. Reflecting back, I am confident that these traits have landed me to this academic year, which I am grateful to encounter. My ability to be empathetic will provide authenticity to my professional communication style, and strengthen my interpersonal relationships. On the other hand, my strength of patience will guide me as I develop an all-inclusive skill of cultural competence. With determination, I see myself endeavoring to help clients by precisely selecting interventions or treatments that focus on each client 's situation and consistently pursuing opportunities to educate myself as a professional. When I was a young girl in West Africa, Liberia, seeing oppression and living through poverty…
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