Characteristics Of My Personality

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My personality has been strengthened and developed through my various characteristics, hobbies, and interests. Others believe that i am just a lazy weirdo who loves jokes. However, I have goals and dreams to bring to fruition. Please allow me to expand on these points. Some of my characteristics shape the way people view me. An example of this is how happy I am all the time. It has gotten to the point where if I am not smiling my friends think something is wrong. I feel that I am always happy due to the fact that I like to have a positive outlook on life. If something bad happens I just try my best to roll with it and improve from there. Basically, I try not to cry over spilt milk; I see no point in it. I feel that it will make people feel free to be themselves around me. I find it important that people are comfortable around me. This is due in part to the fact that when people are more comfortable, they tend to be happier. I enjoy making people laugh and helping them enjoy the moment wherever we are. The main trait of my personality is how much I like to have fun. I like to think it makes people view me as easy-going. Whenever i find another person who is energetic and friendly, it is great because i need someone fun to stay interested and engaged. My short-attention span is my biggest downfall. It causes me to drift when anyone is talking. It once was so bad that I was talking and got side-tracked as I was talking. The fact that my attention span is so short sometimes
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