Characteristics Of Oedipus The King Superman

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Superman is a popular iconic hero. Why? He is helpful, caring, noble, strong, selfless, courageous, and many other things; he possesses qualities that people, in general, would admire. People look up to him and follow him. While Superman is a superhero who comes from a fake story, he still represents the idea that people need heroes in life - even real life. People need a hero to help establish and represent the overall fundamental values of an entire culture, exemplified in the timeless literature of Oedipus the King and Beowulf. The tragic hero, Oedipus, is praised upon by the people of Thebes in Oedipus the King. Although he has tragic flaws that eventually lead him to his downfall, some of Oedipus’ characteristics make him worthy of being a hero in the eyes of his people. He takes quick action with good intentions of bettering the state in which his people live. When his people came under a plague that would cease when the murderer of Laius would come to light, Oedipus would be the one to “start again - [he’d] bring it all to light [himself]!... by avenging Laius [he’d] defend [himself]” (Oedipus 150-159). Although Oedipus could be viewed as somewhat selfish and arrogant for wanting to avenge Laius for his own glory and peace, the nobility of acting on the problem quickly for the ultimate reason of relieving the Thebans makes him heroic. A defining characteristic of a hero is the admirability of the hero by others. In Oedipus the King, the priest and others acknowledge
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