Characteristics Of Patients At Lisa And Control Group Essay

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study characteristics are shown in table 1. The characteristics of patients in LISA and control group are shown table 1S in supplement. The stent length was significantly longer in four studies, acute coronary syndrome as indication for PCI was more common in two studies and patients were younger in one study in LISA group compared to control. The independent predictors of LISA from multivariable analysis are shown in table 2S (Supplement). Nine studies did post-procedure imaging in addition to follow up and reported outcomes of LAISA. Stent thrombosis All studies except one reported ST as a clinical outcome. The definitions used for ST are shown in table 1. There were 22 ST events in LISA during 18,145 person-months follow up as opposed to 28 events in control group over 97,145 person-months follow up. Therefore, LISA was associated with significantly increased risk of ST events (IRR = 4.81; 95% CI 2.68-8.62) after the follow up imaging (Figure 2). There was no heterogeneity among the studies (I2 = 0%) and no subgroup difference among IVUS and OCT studies, although OCT studies did not report ST in any group. The results of random effect model (Figure 2) and Poisson regression models were consistent with the primary analysis ( IRR = 4.77 (random); 95% CI 2.68-8.50) as shown in figure 2S in Supplement. When analysis was restricted to studies reporting Academic Research Consortium defined definitive or probable ST, the LISA was still associated with higher risk of late
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