Characteristics Of People Born In Different Generations

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From war hero conservatives to righteous college protesters to tech-savvy teenagers, there are defining characteristics of people born in different eras. Many do not realize how much their environment and its history impacts them as a whole. The progression of history changes the conditions entire groups of people grow up in, which leads those groups to differ from each other in life. This type of group is called a generation. Each generation has its own events that happened in its lifetime (Ovadia). As a result, they all have widely differing characteristics and views that come from things like the state of the economy, current technology, parenting style, war, politics, or even the media; and all of this changes after a period of time (Neal). There are different generations in every country or part of the world because of how many cultural and historical contrasts there are between nations. Modern America’s living generations are called the G.I. Generation (or the Greatest Generation), the Baby Boomer Generation, Generation X, and the Millennials. The reason why none of them are exactly the same is the fact that none of them have truly experienced, or will ever experience, what the other ones have grown up with or, in most cases, without (Ovadia). People born into different generations are influenced by various factors within their era and generally develop based on those influences. Before understanding generational differences, it must be understood what a generation

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