Characteristics Of Professionalism In The Workplace

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Professionalism at the Workplace
Our career is revolving in a very competitive business world, and vast diversity of employees is coming from different backgrounds and ages more than that we expected before. Because of these nature, professionalism is becoming the essential part of any businesses environment and doesn’t matter what professions you are in such as nurses, caregivers, physicians, lawyers, teachers, waitresses, contractors, etc. Different companies’ owners they expect their employees to be professional because it merely reflects their business name and quality of service through the feedback of the customers or clients to stay in a good business and prosper. It is expected in every approach to human activity to receive the quality of services. My questions are how we define and what are the characteristics of professionalism at our workplace? How do we treat each other with the chaotic environment? How the others perceived us? How professionalism judged? These are the few questions that we can use to ourselves as a tool to check how we are doing with professionalism at the workplace.
Professionalism defined as “the conduct, aims, or qualities that characterize or mark a profession or a professional person; it implies the quality of workmanship or service.” (, 2017). No matter what types of career we have, we can define professionalism in one definition, but we can use it in different practices. I have observed that employers seek for

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