Characteristics Of Prophet Muhammad SAW

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Prophet Muhammad Presentation
Noor Mohamed

Assalamualaikum, my name is Noor Mohamed and I will be talking about the greatest creation of Allah, Prophet Muhammad SAW. And this is not just coming out of my mouth. Allah told Prophet Muhammad SAW “You are not only my greatest prophet, You are not only my greatest messenger, But you O’Muhammad are the greatest creation I have ever created.” Also when Allah mentions the other prophets in the Quran, he just said the Prophet’s names. But when Allah mentions Prophet Muhammad’s name SAW, he sometimes says “ محمد رسول” which means Muhammad SAW is the Messenger. In Surat Al -Fath, verse 29 it says محمد رسول. Prophet Muhammad SAW is my role model and should be everybody’s role model …show more content…

They all wanted to have the honor of moving the Stone in the right place. Prophet Muhammad SAW solved this problem. They put the Black Stone in the middle of the cloth each person carried one corner of the cloth and put it in the right place. Prophet Muhammad SAW was fair because he let everybody who wanted to carry the Black Stone, carry it and put it in the right place.

Prophet Muhammad SAW is also very brave. One day there was a big bang in Madinah. A rock hit from the sky. This was in the middle of the night and for the people living there, this was scary because they never heard of big bangs. But Prophet Muhammad SAW being the brave man that he is, went riding on a horse without a saddle to see what had happened. He came back and told the people that everything was ok.

Prophet Muhammad SAW was VERY trustworthy. One day people from his village went to his house to kill him (because they hated his message). When they entered his home to kill him, they found Prophet Muhammad SAW cousin, Ali RA. Prophet Muhammad SAW left Ali RA when he escaped for one reason and one reason only. To give those people their valuables and money back. But they never thought to go to Prophet Muhammad SAW and tell him to give them their money back because they trusted him and because they knew he was the most trustworthy person in Mecca.

Prophet Muhammad SAW is my role model because of all of his characteristics, but one characteristic that

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