Characteristics Of Psychopathy And Antisocial Disorder

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Characteristics of Psychopathy vs Antisocial Disorder
Dennis Metz
University of South Florida

Characteristics of Psychopathy vs Antisocial Disorder
Psychopathy is defined as a disorder of personality and antisocial disorder is primarily behaviorally based. Interestingly these disorders are considered co-morbid, because they can be present simultaneously within in patient but are not the same (Werner, Few, & Bucholz, 2015). This paper will discuss the literature for psychopathy and antisocial disorder, any relevant theories, and areas in need of further research.
Psychopathy is defined as the suffering of the mind (Juni, 2014). Psychopathy diagnoses of people who do not understand why their actions are unacceptable do not
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One individual with psychopathic personality disorder is not necessarily antisocial, and an individual with antisocial disorder does not always meet the diagnostic criteria of psychopathy (Juni, 2014). It is estimated the general population suffering from antisocial disorder range between 1%-4% and .2%-3.3% for people who had a situation within the past twelve months (Werner, Few, & Bucholz, 2015). These results are based on patients who are participants of communities, or clinical populations and are supplemented from criminal populations when necessary. The patients were all diagnosed before the age of fifteen. Gender also plays a role because men are three to five times more likely to be diagnosed with either antisocial disorder or psychopathy disorder including 6% of men, and 2% of women (Werner, Few, & Bucholz, 2015). Even forensic data shows a higher prevalence between male psychopathy and antisocial disorders than their female counterparts.
The Psychodynamic Diagnostic Manual (PDM) stresses the underlying psychodynamic aspects which does not focus on the antisocial behavior as much as a preoccupation with interpersonal power (Juni, 2014). This statement makes clear distinction between psychopathy and antisocial disorder because psychopaths are more concerned with power than antisocial behaviors around others.
The criteria related to antisocial behavior patterns include low social intelligence and power impulse control (Juni, 2014).
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