Characteristics Of Quality Teaching Within Higher Education Sector

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Layla Mahdi (5080721)

Assignment 3: Essay
Characteristics of Quality Teaching Within Higher Education Sector

Teaching is the highest purpose of universities and is a contextual and dynamic process (Haldane, 2010). Meanwhile, quality teaching leads to high quality student learning (Prosser, 2013) and is related to teacher’s attitudes, values and aptitudes. The rapid change in higher education (HE) has increased the attention given to the quality of teaching; due to increase number of students, diverse student body (in terms of age, experience, previous education, commitment, ethnicity, cultural and socioeconomic background); more courses have a vocational focus (Grubb & Lazerson, 2005); class sizes have increased (Biggs & Tang, 2011); changes in funding concerns (Telford & Masson, 2005); and introduction of technology. Jointly, these changes have created challenges for university teachers and are at the same time factors that confirm the contribution of HE to lifelong learning visualized by Lindeman (1926). This essay explored some of the key principles that have been developed around teaching and learning which give novice teachers, guidance, ideas, and positive advice for their career.

The systematic theory of adult education (Knowles, 1970), andragogy (the art and science of helping adults learn) employs an analysis of the adult learner to generate learning and teaching techniques and curriculum guidelines. It expands on both how and what adult learn.…
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