Characteristics Of Quantitative Research.Quantitative Research

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Characteristics of Quantitative Research Quantitative research is associated with positive paradigm. In quantitative research, data gathering instruments contain items that collect measurable data. Standardized, pre-tested instruments guide data collection thus ensuring the accuracy, reliability and validity of data (Polit & Beck, 2017). In quantitative studies, random sampling is used to avoid researcher’s bias in interpreting the results that defeat the purpose of research. The data obtained using quantitative methods are organized using tables, graphs, or figures that consolidate large numbers of data to show trends, relationships, or differences among variables. Researchers can repeat the quantitative method to verify or…show more content…
In this particular study, the authors try to focus on one variable, communication skills, and its relationship to burnout. Hopefully, the analysis of this study will create a better understanding of a process that will help focus on an innovated solution to the specific problem of nursing burnout. Problem Statement The problem statement is articulated by the researchers to explain a need for the study by developing an argument (Polit & Beck, 2017). The problem statement for the study is “one of the factors influencing the burnout of nurses is their difficult and complicated relations with patients and other members of the medical team. Therefore, it is necessary that nurses are trained on communication skills” (Darban, Balouchi. Narouipour, Safarzaei, & Shahdad, 2016). The problem statement was clearly stated in the article. Purpose of the Study In a quantitative study, a statement of purpose identifies the key study variables and their possible interrelations as well as the population of interest (Polit & Beck, 2017) The aim of the study is “to study the effect of communication skills training on the burnout of nurses” (Darban et al., 2016). The purpose of study was clearly stated in the article. Research Question and Hypothesis Research questions are usually quarries about relationships between variables (Polit & Beck, 2017). The research question for the

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