Characteristics Of Recording & Reporting

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CHARACTERISTICS OF RECORDING & REPORTING Recording and reporting are most essential tools of a nurse where the nurse is responsible for all the information relating to the patient is recorded and reported even communicated accurately. They contain specific information about patient’s healthcare. These characteristics are interwoven and are five in number. They include accuracy, conciseness, thoroughness, currentness and organization. CRITICAL EVALUATION – Personal Life Whatsoever I do especially during recording and reporting, I make sure my reports are accurate as a healthcare officer. I obey the rule of accuracy and precision so as to make sure the information I am passing is not ambiguous. I explain abbreviations and make sure that…show more content…
It also provides the patient with the opportunity of receiving timely attention and care. They enhance communication, education, assessment, research, auditing and legal documentations. 9) CARE FOR THE HOMELESS The rate at which people is becoming all over the world is highly alarming. Homelessness is therefore a growing world problem and its population involves increasing numbers of women with children who are most times the victims of abuse and elderly people. They also include dysfunctional families, the unemployed and those who cannot afford housing. Most of these people are chronically mentally ill or abuse drugs or alcohol while some are temporarily homeless as a result of catastrophic natural disasters. CRITICAL EVALUATION – Personal Life I have once in my life rendered homeless due to a catastrophic natural disaster (flood) that happened in the year 2000. Then, it was difficult for me and my siblings to afford or gain access to healthcare and one of the younger brother’s resorted to drug abuse that caused a mental instability which is still remaining till now. Social Context The homeless are seen as outcasts in the society and they find it difficult to relate with others in the society and also find it difficult to access healthcare services around the place they live. This results to them becoming nuisance in the society and thereby adding to more vices
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