Characteristics Of Research On Workplace

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Characteristics of Research Workplace Clark Systems is a city contract company for engineering service. The company needs to decrease its contract processing time in order to increase contract output, customer base, and profit on a daily basis. The managers want to find a solution to reduce contract processing time. Purpose Clearly Defined The purpose of doing the research is to find a solution to reduce Clark Systems’ contract processing time. An increase in contract output will lead to an increase in sales, profit, and the customer base. There is a purpose for everything even the work of man’s hands. The purpose of anything must be known in order to understand it, therefore, to understand research its purpose must…show more content…
In relation to the scriptures, research must be detailed in order to guide the researcher and the decision maker as to the best solution to solve the research question. Research Design Thoroughly Planned The research will begin with gathered data from Clark Systems reports and transcripts from the interviews. The information will reveal weaknesses and strengths among companies. The data may help Clark Systems solve its problem by reducing contract processing time. God sent his only “begotten son” into the world so that through him the world could be saved (John 3:16, KJV). Immediately, after Adam and Eve sinned, God devised a plan to save the world from sin. Similar in research, a plan must be created in the beginning of the research process to ensure a successful finished product. High Ethical Standard Applied Permission was granted to interview Clark Systems employees. I will introduce myself, tell them what research organization I am from, and give a brief summary of the research. Additionally, participants will be made aware of the benefits of the research, their rights to privacy, and confidentiality concerning information given in interviews. I will explain how the research will improve the company’s processing method and productivity. A consent form will be signed by all participants. Luke 1:16 summarizes how Christians should “walk in all God’s commandments and ordinances” (KJV). The scripture states that a Christian should
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