Characteristics Of Romantic Poetry By William Blake

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Emily Woolverton
Professor Balding
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February 26, 2016
Characteristics of Romantic Poetry
The start of the Romantics was the start of a new period in poetry. Romantic poetry developed after more and more people began to let their emotion become a bigger part of their life. These Romantics wanted to express how they felt, rather than what they thought about science and reason. This brought on the change in how genders, races, and different classes were viewed. Less people participated in their culture 's traditions and authority was not as important to follow as it was before. The Romantics chose to reflect more on themselves and others which led Romantic poetry to develop into such a creative and meaningful kind of literature.
William Blake was the person who started the Romantic Period. When he was younger, he read a lot, and started to write at the early age of thirteen. When he was old enough to understand more of the outside world and politics going on around him, he did not agree one bit. He always felt like they were too in control and people should be aloud to live more freely. He was also very spiritual, as can be seen from the fact that he claimed his brother would help him with ideas, keeping in mind that his brother had already passed away at that time. Using his past and the way he feels about certain circumstances, he was able to make some of the best poetry known. This lead to this new period in writing known as the Romantic period, making…
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