Characteristics Of Sargassum Fish

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MARB 425-406
Comparing Natural Mortality of Sargassum Fish (Histrio histrio) and Blue Runner (Caranx crysos).
Violeta Curameng

Abstract In the Gulf of Mexico a variety of marine environments can be utilized by fish. Common environments include Coral reefs and Sargassum. An assortment of fish can inhabit these environments but which environment they live in depends on their life history. Histrio histrio (Sargassum Fish) live in the Sargassum and Caranx Crysos (Blue Runner) live in the open water near reefs. Natural mortality of these species can be linked to their distribution and their life history strategies.
In the Gulf of Mexico there are many different marine habitats that reside in its waters. From reef environments to floating Sargassum, a diverse variety of fishes can be found. Sargassum, is a type of brown algae that consists of two species, S. natans and S. fluitans (Rooker 2006). Sargassum has been linked to primary and secondary production and can also be a hot spot of production which would be an ideal habitat for pelagic fishes (Peres 1982). Coral reefs are a habitat that are common in the Gulf of Mexico, such as, the Flower Garden Banks (NOAA 2017). There are also many artificial reefs in the gulf that provide shelter for many fish species (Bull 1994). Of these habitats fish such as, Histrio histrio (Sargassum Fish) and Caranx crysos (Blue Runner) are abundant. H. histrio can be found hidden in the Sargassum environments while

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