Characteristics Of Saturated Fats

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Saturated fats include nuts, and in a recent study not only were nuts a good source of saturated fat, but they were also proven to improve lipid profile of inflammatory biomarkers. Participants from cohort studies has high risk for cardiac disease, but those who had a higher consumption of nuts and exercised consistently were more likely to have lower c-reactive protein and IL-6 concentrations (5). They ate higher amount of nuts because they replaced red meats, processed meats, and refined grains with nuts. This reduced their risk of getting heart disease because their overall state of inflammation was reduced, and chronic low-grade inflammation is known for being a culprit in all phases of atherosclerosis. The studies strengths were that…show more content…
There was another study that studied if a Mediterranean diet could decrease inflammation and improve one’s heart health. In this study, inflammation caused by diet and telomere length were evaluated with those who have a high risk of heart disease. With the use of the dietary inflammatory index, they looked to see the association between diet-related inflammation and telomere length. Telomere length affects how our cells age, and if they shorten, then it will shorten one’s life as well as makine one more susceptible to disease. This study was a cross- sectional and longitudinal study that resulted in a consistent beneficial effect with aging and health when consuming a anti-inflammatory diet (7). The beneficial effects were that it changed their telomere length. Anti-inflammatory diets they included were Mediterranean diets supplemented with olive oil, and Mediterranean diets supplemented with mixed nuts. The control group was on a low fat diet. This study also showed that a proinflammatory diet can affect a person telomere length by drastically shortening it (7). More specifically, proinflammatory foods include fried foods, refined carbohydrates, and sugar and anti-inflammatory foods include vegetables like kale/spinach, fruits like tomatoes/blueberries, fatty fish, and nuts.
Unlike with inflammation, there are more diets proven to improve hypertension. In this specific study 3 different diets were given to participants who had hypertension and
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