Characteristics Of Short Story

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Short story is a favourite form in literature in this modern age. It is a story which can be easily read in a sitting and which a type is of prose fiction or short fiction. It has separated norms for itself. It will give pleasure to the reader. According to Edgar Allan Poe, “Short story is a prose narrative requiring form half an hour to one or two hours in its personal.” (Vasans 68) Short story separated form literary form of literature which is distinguished from other forms of literature. Short story and novel are separate literary forms. A short story is not a condensed novel. It cannot portray life in its variety and complexity and also it cannot deal with the evolution of character. It might be give pleasure to the reader for a short while and it cannot compete with a novel. Brevity or shortness is the most obvious characteristic of the short story. The subject of a story must be one that can be easily developed into an artistic whole. The short story must contain one information or idea and that idea must give a moral conclusion. In English literature,the short story…show more content…
The book , Tobit describe a senseof ironic humour. Judith creates suspenseful story tension as it builds to its climax the Story of Susana which is the most compact and also least imaginative in the Apocrypha. It develops a three-sided conflict of involving the innocent beauty of Susanna, the lechery of the elders and the triumphant wisdom of Daniel.
Short stories were told orally by the ancestors which were later produced as epics such as Homer’s Iliad and Odyssey. The oral narratives often told with using rhyming or without rhyming, in Europe, from telling the oral stories to develop in the early fourteenth century. The most notably stories are Geoffrey Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales and Giovanni Boccaccio’s
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