Characteristics Of Society And The Populations Living

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characteristics influence society and the populations living in them. The agency’s educational director has her degree in criminal justice. Prior to her becoming employed at Life’s Kitchen she previously worked as a probation officer. This is helpful to the agency because a large number of students within the program have previously been on probation or are currently on probation so this helps build rapport with those students, but it also helps with referrals made from the Department of Juvenile Corrections due to having that networking piece. The social worker at the agency is a licensed clinical social worker (LCSW) and is a contracted employee. Her role is to meet with the students and work with them one on one. The social worker…show more content…
With the many professional aspects the staff holds it does create some difficulties within the agency. For example the chefs are professionals in the culinary field, but don’t really have any other skills for working with adolescents who are at high risk. This proves to be difficult because the food service industry can be a very fast paced and stressful environment where the chefs tend to lose their tempers every once in awhile with the students, which can have profound and detrimental effects for the students. This method clashes with the views of the social worker as well as the educational director because they are very much in tune with their emotional intelligence and feel that losing tempers with the students is not an effective way to teach this particular population. However, the chefs look at the social worker and the education director and think they don’t know the stressors of the kitchen and how hard it is to keep composed because they don’t work in that particular environment. The background of the educational director can clash with the social worker’s perspective because it is hard for her when students aren’t taking the program seriously to be able to look past their behaviors and look at the situation from a social worker’s ecological perspective. However, she does give the students the benefit of the doubt, gives them a few warnings, and might even put the student on a contract. However, if this doesn’t get the student to change
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