Characteristics Of Somerset Maugham's Writing Style

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William Somerset Maugham was considered to be the popular English fiction writer of the 20th century. He wrote many novels, plays and short stories, many of those were admired as master pieces. It drew attention of the critics and readers due to its multi-dimensional aspects, which offered entertainment including the serious issues of human life, for that matter it resulted in being popular fiction of the time.
His popularity urged many critics to analyze his work from different dimensions. The critics discussed his works with the advantage to explore the qualities of writer as well as to point out the flaws of his work. The critics discovered many themes along with stylistic features of his novels in plays and short stories. Maugham has produced a large number of fictional works and it seems impossible to bring in all the reviews of his works. The literature review is generally based on critic’s opinion on his writing style and themes; it particularly talks about those critiques
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The simplicity as a common trait in all of his works, had influence on his readers and critics. Swinnerton admires him as a true story teller due to his plain and modest writing style. Maugham wrote for the writing’s sake, he neither interfered in political matters nor he struggled to be the guardian of society (19). Jack Collins examined similar characteristic in Maugham’s style. He justifies popularity of Maugham as a writer by providing two reasons: firstly, he has the capability to create a plot which is direct, it goes on with “linear clarity” that no one can find obscurity in the plot. Secondly, his quality to develop the “dramatic intensity” has remarkable effects on the story that it turns the characters into “demonic forces” (16). This intensity in his works attracts the readers to pay honest attention while reading. His works are the satisfaction of those people who like to “get on with the story” (Brander

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