Characteristics Of Surrey Neighbourhoods

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Surrey Neighbourhoods

Throughout Surrey every neighbourhood has a different sense of place which is well defined through its character which is a fundamental of sense of place in residential communities.Thus making each neighbourhood a vital part of a truly liveable, modern city(City of Surrey, Surrey communities).
There are six main neighbourhoods in Surrey (Fig 1):
1. North Surrey/Whalley
2. Guildford
3. Fleetwood
4. Newton
5. Cloverdale
6. South Surrey

North Surrey/Whalley

Whalley is the most densely populated and built form dominated urban area out of the Surrey’s six town centres. The neighbourhood comprises of dense, low to high rise residential and mixed use areas which are serviced by tracked rapid transit. The neighbourhood gives
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The Surrey Museum, heritage buildings, farmer’s market, town squares and an ancient “Main Street,” focuses on intricacies of architecture and urban design in the past such as provision of ancient benches, statues, public art, hanging flower baskets, pedestrian scale lighting, clocks, and mailboxes in a defined area makes this neighbourhood a pleasant place to spend time(Fig7).The design, feel and aesthetics of the spaces in the neighbourhood gives a sense of agricultural heritage, familiarity, nostalgia, and a ‘primal landscape’(Gayton 1996). Cloverdale is experiencing a growth in residential neighbourhoods such as East Clayton and West Cloverdale and thus provides variety in terms of housing types (single family to multifamily townhouses mainly) (City of Surrey, Surrey communities,…show more content…
The historic resort community of Crescent Beach is one of South Surrey’s most popular attractions. South Surrey offers connections to the United States through the Peace Arch and Pacific Highway border crossings which gives a sense of landscape dominated ecological environment and a memorable destination getaway with a vibrant urban waterfront place which connects memories and people around the world (Fig 8).

To some extent the sense of place depends on the built-form, surrounding features derived from a mix of natural and cultural features in the landscape, aesthetics and characteristic of the neighbourhood but a major part depends on the feeling or perception held by people who occupy the place and not by the place itself and thus makes a place special or unique, authentic or belonging. Places can have a strong "sense of place" identity and character by local inhabitants and by many visitors. It is a social phenomenon that exists independently of any one individual's perceptions or experiences. Surrey neighbourhoods have distinguishable sense of place which can’t be defined by one
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