Characteristics Of The Army As A Profession

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Five characteristics define the Army as a Profession. These characteristics are honorable service, stewardship of the profession, military expertise, esprit de corps, and trust. According to ADRP 1-0, as a military profession, our relationship with the American people is built on a foundation of trust continuously reinforced by the other four characteristics. Mission accomplishment, reputation, and survivability of the Army are all reliant on trust. Therefore, I believe that trust is the most important characteristic and is the bedrock of the Army’s relationship with the American people. The sole reason for the Army’s existence is to defend the Nation, its Commonwealths, possessions, and interests against all enemies. The…show more content…
Another characteristic, stewardship of the profession, relies on and enforces the building block characteristic of trust. In my opinion, steward of the profession and honorable service conjoin. Being a steward of the profession means loving what you do, taking care of the Soldiers that trust you to lead them in the right direction, having the will to improve efficiency, and leaving a legacy that will carry on. It is our duty to care for the Soldiers, resources, and responsibilities entrusted to us by the American people. Serving with honor is part of being a steward of the profession. In addition to how we serve, it is what we do that the American people place a great deal of trust. The Army accomplishes its missions and fulfills its obligations to the American people through the third characteristic military expertise. Trust is a crucial component of the characteristic military expertise since we ask the American people to trust that we will be the experts in proficiency, efficiency, and distribution of land combat power. They expect the Army to develop continually, our technology, tactics, and ourselves in order to defend the country, its Commonwealths, possessions, and interests. “The American people trust that the Army as a profession will produce the expert work when and where needed”(Don Snider) Occasionally we hear of drone strikes that kill multiple civilians, sometimes a few while others are unfortunately over 1,000.

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