Characteristics Of The Classical Era Of Music

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Ludwig Van Beethoven was recognized as a great composer in western music. Beethoven was also known for creating the bridge between the classical and romantic era of music. He is known for doing this because he took key aspects of the classical era and merged them with key aspects of the romantic era. The classical era of music dates from 1775-1825. The classical music era had a lighter and more clear texture (Kamien 161). The music from this era was mainly homophonic meaning that the music had one part or melody that dominated all other parts or melodies (Kamien 160). Classical era music also really focused on; how graceful and beautiful the melody and the form were, proportion and balance, moderation, and control. The music was…show more content…
While most composers worked for dignity, Beethoven did not feel the need to. He could compose on his own time and sell a work when he needed or wanted money. Beethoven had the honor of having an extensive influence. He earned his title as one of the greatest composers of his time because of his ability to bridge the classic era of music to the romantic era of music. At the start of his musical career, Beethoven was considered an exceptional pianist, not a great composer. In 1798 Beethoven noticed that he had started to become deaf. He would spend the following thirty years writing and composing music with major hearing loss. From his mid-twenties to about three months before his death, Beethoven did not stop composing and writing music. Beethoven drew his musical inspiration from many sources. Beethoven also created the bridge between the classical and romantic periods. Most of his work didn’t completely fit into any one period’s characteristics. If you listen to Beethoven’s compositions as he progressed as a composer, they could be divided into three periods. The first is commonly known as his imitation period, the period when he took the styles, mechanics, and techniques of other composers. He mimicked; Bach, Haden, as well as Mozart. Next, he had the period of externalization, a time when he developed his own style and reveled in it. Thirdly he
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