Characteristics Of The Geologic Tour

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For century’s scientist have studied the planet earth as a means to understand its makeup and vast terrains. Earth is considered unique in the sense due to the fact that it’s the only planet in the universe known to host actual life forms. Our planet is inhabited by millions of diverse species who dwell in different regions and landscapes. Over the course of time and through various advances in technology, many different sciences have emerged on the scene furthering mankind’s understanding of their environment as a whole. These discoveries have also provided a great deal of insight into the significant impact both humans and nature play in shaping environmental conditions as well. The four basic fields primarily utilized to study the…show more content…
Mount Aso is an active volcano in the center of Kyushu in Aso-Kuju National Park. This volcanic feature was formed by four massive caldera eruptions and is a product of subduction of the Pacific Plate under the Eurasian Plate. These two plates are at a convergent boundary. Its ancient caldera ranks among the world’s largest, with a diameter of up to 25 kilometers and a circumference of over 100 kilometers. A caldera is defined as a cauldron-like volcanic feature located on large central volcanoes. This is a special kind of volcanic crater created by a magma chamber being emptied. Mount Aso has also produced more explosive eruptions than any other volcano in the world. Aso is a cinder-cone volcano which contains felsic lava/magma. It also contains bomb-rich basaltic pyroclastic. Most of the explosions generated by this volcano are viewed as violent producing ash and blocks. Mount Aso has not erected lava flows in historic times. Only 8 eruptions have resulted in fatalities over the years. The majority of these deaths are tourists on the rim of the cone. It is also important to note that frequent activity makes it extremely dangerous to live near this feature. Another hazard one must take into consideration is inhaling volcanic gas seeping from this monstrosity. Stop 2: Old Faithful The second stop on our tour takes us to Yellow Stone National Park located in the state of Wyoming. Today we
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