Characteristics Of The Italian Renaissance

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Meaning and Characteristics of the Italian Renaissance Renaissance means rebirth in the French language, the renaissance happened between the fifteenth century and sixteenth century. Beginning in Italy, the Renaissance was an era that rediscovered the culture of ancient Greece and Rome in the fourteenth century and witnessed a continuation of the economic, political, and social trends. Jacob Burck-hardt, a swiss historian and art critic, created the Renaissance in his celebrated book The Civilization of the Renaissance in Italy, and published in 1860. He portrayed Italy in the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries as the birthplace of the modern world and saw the revival of antiquity, the perfecting of the individual, and secularism as its…show more content…
Northern Italy was divided between the duchy of Milan and the republic of Venice. After the death of the last Visconti ruler of Milan in 1447, Francesco Sforza, one of the leading condottieri of the time, turned on his Milanese employers, conquered the city, and became its new duke. Both the Visconti and the Sforza rulers worked to create a highly-centralized territorial state. They were especially successful in devising systems of taxation that generated enormous revenues for the government. The maritime republic of Venice remained an extremely stable political entity governed by a small oligarchy of merchant-aristocrats. Its commercial empire brought in enormous revenues and gave it the status of an international power. At the end of the fourteenth century, Venice embarked on the conquest of a territorial state in northern Italy to protect its food supply and its overland trade routes. Although expansion on the mainland made sense to the Venetians, it frightened Milan and Florence, which worked to curb what they perceived as the expansionary designs of the Venetians. Besides the five major states, there were a number of independent city-states under the control of powerful ruling families that became brilliant centers of Renaissance culture in the fifteenth century.
The Intellectual Renaissance in Italy & The Artistic Renaissance The Renaissance was
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