Characteristics Of The Mbira In The Music Of Africa

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Music of Africa
Daniel Sima
Professor Racanelli
The Mbira The African culture is one of the influences of the various art forms that join groups or tribes together. These art forms include singing, dancing, and making music with instruments. Africa is divided into five different subcultures that are all in one shape or another. Each, however, has the capability to learn from their ancestors and continue to modernize their art forms as how society calls. One instrument that has made an impact on the African sub cultures is the mbira. The subcultures that the mbira has made the most impact on are the people of Shona of Zimbabwe, The Republic of the Congo, and (insert last culture here). This instrument has made an impact on each of these cultures through different ways, but the results are the same. Just like many instruments, the mbira has the ability to change the pitch and tone. When making this particular instrument, each part is imperative to correctly construct. The mbira is a close relative to the lamellophone because it is played by plucking your fingers against the metal. The mbira is made from twenty-two to twenty-eight different metal strips, which attach to a hollowed-out bottom. Just like the structure of a guitar, the strips of metal vary in length, giving the instrument the ability to increase or decrease the pitch. The people of Shona have the most vibrant history with the Mbira. Shona people became resourceful in how they made the
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