Characteristics Of The Millennial Generation

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Millennials Generation
Why do Millennials behave differently than older generations? I feel older generations treat us unfairly and discriminate against us. As a result, we don’t like them, which leads to many problems. For example, last month I had a family discussion with my parents, and I found out we have a lot of differences which caused a huge argument because I don’t like their opinions or their judgment, and they didn’t want to listen to my opinion. My parents still think that I’m too young to make responsible decisions, and I totally disagree with them. So, why does youth behave differently than adults? While researching for an article to find my answer, I found out an article that took my attention.
In the first article, I read, “Characteristics of the Millennial Generation,” by Neil Howe, I read that Millennials have adapted to planning for the future because society is constantly changing, have learned to prepare for any challenge that will come in the future, they are also the first generation to grow up in a digital society with the internet and technology. As the technology keeps advancing, Millennials are keeping up with in the digital future. According to Howe, Millennials are sheltered by their parents from having to take on their own challenges. Parents advocate on their behalf and spare them from unpleasant experiences. But, why their parents are not protective about education? For example, Millennials are facing the pressure of getting a higher
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