Characteristics Of The Organisational Culture

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Introduction:- 3
Organisation Culture:- 4
Characteristics of the organisational culture 4
Do the right thing:- 5
Show we care:- 5
Aim Higher:- 6
Celebrate Difference:- 6
Work better together:- 6
Leadership Styles 8
Strategy for communicating business information 8
Pro active strategies to eliminate barriers of communication 10
Team work 11
Conflict resolution policy 13
References 15
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Organisation Culture:-

Fard, Rostamy and Taghiloo (2009) states that organisation culture is assumed worldwide as a gadget that is utilized by management to frame and deal with the beliefs, prespective and behaviour of people and taking into account that the organisation can attain to their vision and their mission.

Characteristics of the organisational culture

(Fard et al., 2009)
• Room to act naturally:- To verify that every one of us communicate our purpose of making Great Hotels guests love and are engaged in accomplishing it, we have pledge to our people that we will make a situation and society where they can give their best and have any kind of effect. We call it room to act naturally ( InterContinental Hotels Group, 2014).

We might all work for diverse brands, talk distinctive languages and like diverse things, however we 're all passionate about something, whether your passion is karaoke or kayaking, we guarantee to give you a situation where you can bring the same measure of vitality and
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