Characteristics Of The Personal Shadow

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The shadow represents the things that we hide from the public eye—whether it is the individual’s shadow or society’s shadow. These are the things we repress because society has told us from a young age to be ashamed of these qualities. We have anxiety about what would happen if people knew these things about us and we fear how they will see us after they know. Will they still want you in their lives? Will you still be considered “cool” or a good friend? These are the things that keep us hiding these qualities in our shadows. “The personal shadow develops naturally in every young child. As we identify with ideal personality characteristics such as politeness and generosity, which are reinforced in our environments…” (Zweig&Abrams, 1). Our individual shadows are defined by the social shadow because the social shadow is projected onto us from an early start. How do we confront this shadow? We have to stop fearing what we hide in our shadow. “We cannot look directly into this hidden domain. The shadow by nature is difficult to apprehend. It is dangerous, disorderly, and forever in hiding as if the light of consciousness would steal its very life” (Zweig&Abrams, 2). You have to slowly confront the qualities that you fear and that you hide in your individual shadow. The ultimate goal of doing this is to make you whole, “the unconscious cannot be conscious” (Zweig&Abrams, 2). When you make yourself whole, you are ultimately confronting the fears that make up your
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