Characteristics Of The Preeminent Detective Essay

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The Characteristics of the Preeminent Detective This man has the characteristics of a leader, the mind of a philosopher, a heart that seems as cold as stone, yet feels more than most can comprehend. He a silhouette that everyone can recognize and a name that has given inspiration for the past one-hundred and thirty years. His name is Sherlock Holmes. Since his first appearance in 1887, A Study in Scarlet, Sherlock has been cherished by many people, young and old. Sherlock and his companion Dr. John Watson have copious different characteristics that make them a remarkable team. They have paved the way for entertainment and literature. Though Sherlock is not your typical knight in shining armor, he is assuredly a hero. Sherlock Holmes is loved and honored by many due to the inspiration behind his character, his exhilarating personality, prodigious sidekick Dr. John Watson, and their profound character evolution throughout the years. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle introduced his famous character, Sherlock Holmes, in his book, A Study In Scarlet, which appeared in the Beeton 's Christmas Annual ("Arthur Conan Doyle"). Since his first exploit, Sherlock has inveigled the world with his skill of deduction and reasoning. Part of Doyle’s inspiration, for his brilliant detective, came from his erstwhile university teacher Joseph Bell. Bell was involved in numbers of police investigations. He was intelligent, observant and took pride in his capability to examine minuscule pieces of

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