Characteristics Of The Slave System

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The destructive attributes of the slave system has been not only disgracing humanity and justice of the Negros but allow the free labor system to process will equality for all men. The slave system is often unprivileged and provides the wealth for everyone. The slave system is often compelling to follow a white man who has the power over them, but the slave systems want to achieve for themselves their own alienable rights. Many of the slaves are Negros who wants to achieve liberty and become freemen. As a result, the slave system, is a cruel, inhuman, and awful system but many people benefit from it. Even though, the slave system was an unjust it was the building blocks for creating a society. The slave system is very different comparing to the free labor system because Negro’s are seen as lesser beings rather than human beings who were denied basic human rights.
How could we enslaved these Negros and kept them from having the same liberties and rights as the free white man has? Overall, the slave system disrupts all aspects of human life because the Negros are forced and chain to do the masters work with no benefits. However, free labor system employees benefit from their work while a slave will never. Even though, slave and free labor system have been working side by side, free labor cannot hire enslaved employees. The free labor system will never benefit from the slave system, but it allows for everyone working in the system to have equality. In the slave system, many
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