Characteristics Of The Spanish Colonies

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Essay Test Between 1492 and 1650 there were settlement patterns of the Spanish, French, and English in America also known as the “New World.” A settlement is the process of settling or colonizing in a new community. The Spanish, French, and English all had different aims to settling in America, in the process some were successful and some were not. For the Spanish colonies, conquests gained riches for Spain leading to the expansion of its empire. The Spanish claimed most of the southern and southwestern regions along with the California coast. Some of their settlements include St. Augustine, Florida (1565); Santa Fe, New Mexico (1610); and many cities in Texas and California. There were three primary goals for the Spanish to expand to America they are called the three “G’s” consisting of God, gold, and glory. The Spanish wanted their religion to have an emotional bond, to portray loyalty, and for it to establish authority, so missionaries were then sent to convert Natives to Christianity. The Spanish expanded to also benefit from gold or wealth that America had. They searched for resources like gold, silver, and precious metals. The Spanish wanted glory meaning for them to construct an empire for them to dominate. Colonies were governed by crown-appointed viceroys or governors, settlers had to obey the laws given. Spanish settlers include conquistadors, soldiers, and missionaries while farmers and trades came later. The growth of their population was slow due to
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