Characteristics Of The Victorian Period

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Victorian Period Essay
Throughout history there had been periods or eras which are more recognized than others, sometimes recognized due to their attributes, time extension, and contribution to its own culture, I believe that the Victorian period novels influence the life and actions of their own society. By studying the Victorian era and understanding it characteristics we will be able to understand some of their own cultural establishments. Furthermore, to understand about this era, we need to know what influence the author of the Victorian period novels. Pursuing this further, the Victorian Period formally started when Queen Victoria step up to the throne in 1837, by that time Queen Victoria was 18 year old, making her one of the youngest
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At first, he was known for his mediocre poetry but he rose to fame with his comic plays, until he publish his first novel named, The Picture of Dorian Gray. Which was very criticize for his immoral and scandalous theme, for being somewhat different to the other literature from that era. Following that, the novel starts with two friends, one well known for his artistic work named Basil Hallward and the other was named Dorian Gray. Dorian was very respected and handsome, as a result, Basil likes to portrait him and depicts him as a Greek hero. Basil as he is painting the portrait of Dorian he realize that despite being respected and admire throughout the people, Dorian is very egocentric and for that reason, Basil paints him as he truly is. Earlier that day, Basil went to express his disappointment about the painting to another friend named, Henry Wotton and despite the fact that, the argument of Basil Hallward was true, Henry Wotton said that it was a masterpiece and he wanted to see it for himself. This brought a bigger problem because, Basil knew that Henry Wotton was even worse than Dorian, making him worry that the strong opinion of Henry Wotton would change Dorian even more. That’s what exactly happened, Dorian was a completely different man, everybody lost respect towards him, Basil hear the rumors of his friend and went to see how he was doing, the two had an argument and eventually Dorian demanded that Basil had a look to the portrait that he crated, to only see what Dorian has become, a hideous person lost in his own ego. Basil horrified by the situation begs Dorian to change but Dorian claims it too late and kills Basil with a knife, only to realize what he has done. Felling guilty, Dorian took the same knife and went to destroy the painting. Later that same day, the servants enter the room to see the portrait of their master untouched and back to his handsome and
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