Characteristics Of Video Games

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Whatś a sport? What makes up a Sport? People today believe that there are defining characteristics of a sport, while others believe that any activity could possibly become a sport with the right format and or qualities. By examining the similar characteristics of ¨regular¨ sports and video games, the fact that people already use/train with video games in different situations, it is clear that video games should be a sport too.

To be frank , video games already have so many similar characteristics to sports, that it wouldn’t hurt anybody to just allow them to become a real professional sport. Starting off with want video game athletes do similar , these players play team based games with clear objectives that you have to follow in a game. Equally important, they have just as many fans as regular sports. According to Sean Gregory, “The maker of League of Legends says more than 32 million global viewers tuned in to the game’s pro World Championship in October 2013, eclipsing the domestic audience of 26.3 million for Game 7 of that year’s NBA Finals.” So video games have the same if not MORE fans than regular sports.Video games also have clear rules, multiple tournaments worldwide like the league of legends world championship, and similar broadcasting, advertising, and showings, When these big tournaments are going on, ESPN, the most watched channel for PROFESSIONAL sports, will broadcast it on T.V. So, when there is talk about how different video games and sports are, just
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