Characteristics That Define Entrepreneurial Leadership

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The Characteristics That Define Entrepreneurial Leadership There is an ancient Chinese proverb, "A fish rots from the head." Nowhere is the wisdom of this phrase more evident than in the world of business leadership. A corollary of this maxim is that the success of an organization often comes from dedicated and talented leadership. This paper will analyze the varying characteristics of business leaders and how different values are required by differing business ventures, whether profit-driven or socially-focused. By understanding these characteristics, a student of business can learn important lessons regarding leadership style and business principles that can help shape them become the next great entrepreneur. To begin any analysis of business leadership, it is important to analyze the characteristics that exist for leaders of traditional profit-driven organizations. One great example is Jack Welch. Welch embodied a football coach mentality based on managing. He often sought to influence employees to work effectively and efficiently through a less formal style via relaxed meeting and get-togethers. This approach allowed the employees to feel invested in both the company and to become loyal to him individually for facilitating their contributions. Throughout Welch's time as the CEO of General Electric, the most vital ingredients to his success was self-discipline, attention to detail and life balance (Lane, 2008). Though he appreciated creativity, to take an idea and
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