Characteristics and Challenges of Developing Multicast Routing Protocol

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There are many characteristics and challenges that should be taken into consideration when developing multicast routing protocols, like the dynamically changing network topology, limitation of network scalability. There are different types of protocols like unicast protocols [1], [2], cluster based protocols [3] In this paper we discuss about multicast routing for vehicular Ad hoc network which is different from other Ad Hoc networks [4]. Generally there are two types of multicast routing protocols in wireless networks. Tree-based multicast routing protocol, mesh based routing protocol [5]-[8]. In the tree-based multicasting, structure can be very much unstable in multicast ad-hoc routing protocols, as it needs frequent re-configuration in…show more content…
On the other hand, as mobility increases, link failures start the reconfiguration of the complete mesh. In Link stability based approach [9] multicast protocol has a tree construction algorithm which finds the end-host in the particular subnet by examining node by node. This is achieved by checking every node IP address against destination IP. The tree management algorithm of LSHBH uses three control messages. Messages are periodically sent to the source by the receivers. The source node periodically produces messages that are multicasted in the network. While the messages travel down in the tree, the intermediate nodes may possibly create messages that are responsible of refining the tree structure. In this paper, we propose link stability based hop by hop (LSHBH) multicast routing scheme that establishes a route from source to multicast destinations in VANET. A multicast Tree is created with stable links when a source node wants to send data to receiver nodes. A multicast channel in LSHBH is recognized by the unicast address of the source and is a class-D IP address allocated by the source. This solves the address allocation problem while being compatible with SSM’s channel description. so, LSHBH can support IP Multicast clouds as leaves of the distribution tree. The tree management scheme used in LSHBH minimizes the impact of member departures in the tree structure. There are no route changes for other
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