Characteristics of Adults and Young People as Learners

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The Characteristics of adults and young people as learners In this article we will consider the characteristics of young people and adults as learners. We will touch on the three main theories of teaching, identify and expand on three factors that have been identified as motivating adult learners and which the savvy teacher can use to increase the motivation of the learner. We will briefly consider five barriers that can affect a learner’s participation and or learning, looking at three of them in more detail together with some apt and practical support strategies to assist the learner and finally consider and outline the differences between pedagogical and andragogical models of learning. Three main theories of teaching A)…show more content…
 Accessibility. The college / centre should ensure that staff receive training to be conversant with problems faced by learners with Basic skills needs, Make use of Outreach classes to negate travel difficulties for the learner, make provision for trained staff to be available to assist at enrolment, and courses should be Publicised widely to increase awareness of availability and options .  Personal attitudes. The provider should take into account the learner’s experience, and actively stress strengths not weaknesses, manage and present the work in bite-sized chunks, and foster student involvement through the provision of regular reviews of performance, targets should be set through negotiation and agreed, make use of existing interests for student motivation, Staff should be generous in praise and accept and work at the learners pace. The learner should be encouraged to accept ownership of their own learning. Differences between pedagogical and andragogical models of learning Much study has been made of the two models of learning. a) Pedagogy has been defined as the art and science of educating children within a teacher focused environment of education. The teacher makes decisions as to what, when and how a lesson will be learnt. This system is driven purely by the teacher and their goals and

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