Characteristics of African Religion

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Characteristics of African religion

A Supreme being:
Throughout most of Africa there is belief of a supreme being, described by one or more names, either in terms of activities or place of abode. African people relate to or worship God through praying, singing and dancing, making sacrificial offerings, dedications and invoking blessings. In many respects, the attitude given toward the supreme creator resembles the respect given to African rulers. According to African tradition certain procedures have to be observed in order to gain access to a person of authority. For an ordinary person such contact can actually only take place through approved mediators or councillors. While it may occur that there is no cult devoted specifically to the
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Allah is the one and only, eternal and absolute and unlike any other. Therefore although something can be known about Allah through studying his word and his creation, one can never know him completely.

Belief in the prophets:
The Shahaadah also states that mohommed is Gods messenger. According to tradition there were 124000 prophets altogether and in all cases there task has been to instruct and guide. Muhammed is known as the seal of the prophets. He is the last and final prophet chosen my God to bring his message to humankind. His message is a universal message for all humankind.

Belief in the Books:
Several prophets received divine revelations which where written in 104 books but only 4 of these have been preserved. These are : The Tawrat - Given to Moses : The Zabur - Given to David : The injil - Given to Jesus : The Quran - Given to Muhammed
The quran is said to be the corrected version of all previous revelations of God.

Belief in Angels:
The Quran often mentions angels and there are several categories of angels namely the angel of revelation, The angel of providence, and the angel of death. There are also angels who wait on Allah and Angels who interrogate the dead. Angels are believed to have been created by light while Adam was created from clay.The main characteristic of angels is that they cannot disobey Allah and therefore will not be judged on judgement
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