Characteristics of Formative and Summative Assessment in the Instructional Process

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Formative and Summative Assessment Introduction Formative and summative assessments are methods of information gathering used to assess students during their learning process. This helps to bring out a balanced picture of the students weaknesses and strengths this determines the student's achievement. These assessments include how there is sharing of information to the student to how the conducting of the assessment about the information. Collecting data about the student's progress is part of both assessments. Formative assessments Formative assessments are normally part of instructional process-it is majorly instruction based. During classroom practice, this method of assessment is incorporated to adjust learning and teaching as they happen or modify the learning methods. It gives a feed back on how learning can be improved. The achievement of the goals is targeted at the appropriate time. Formative assessments determine whether one has the necessary skills required on a certain level. Formative assessments do not reflect all the skills one has acquired during a certain learning period. When students are not in this process, it is ineffective. They show what the students know and what they have not gotten a grip of so far. Descriptive feedback is accomplished instructional strategy; it helps students to know what they understand well and determines the next step in learning progress. Limited feedback could also mean that the student is not improving in their
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