Characteristics of French New Wave in Band of Outsiders

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Band of Outsiders is a 1964 film that was presented by the most stylistically French New Wave directors, Jean-Luc Godard. The French New wave is a term that critics called a group of filmmakers who brought their own personal and artistic vision of film in the late 1950s and 1960s. It is a style of filmmaking by the young generation that focuses on current social issues and political disturbances of the era. It rebelled against a ‘cinema of quality’ with straightforward messages. French New Wave has a style of documentary filmmaking, using moveable equipment and needing little set up. Godard’s films were commonly fundamental experiments that challenged French cinema’s customary films and Hollywood’s conventions. However, for Godard the cinema was a means of social exploration and he used the screen to project his take on society. It told stories of contemporary middle class youths like Band of Outsiders. Band of Outsiders is a story about two boys (Claude Brasseur as Arthur and Sami Frey as Franz) who get a girl (Anna Karina as Odile) in their English class to do a crime. Odile tells Franz that there is money stashed in the house where she lives in with her uncle, Monsieur Stoltz and her aunt, Madame Victoria. Franz tells his friend Arthur, both who is working-class and poor see this as an opportunity for an easy robbery, and the two begin a plan to steal the money by convincing Odile to help. Odile isn’t very smart, but she wants to be accepted by Franz and Arthur, an

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