Characteristics of Gifted Underachievers

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Definition and Statistics Reis and McCoach (2000 as qtd in Pagnani 2009) define an underachiever as a student who displays a severe gap between expected achievement and actual achievement. The gap or discrepancy is not explained by a severe learning disability. The expected learning is measured by standard tests and other methods of assessment while actual achievement is measured by grades and teacher evaluations. Underachievement has been a nagging program in the education community because it involves poorly performing brightest students. Recent statistics revealed that 15-40% of gifted students have been performing below par. Data from the US Office of Education sorely suggest that as many as 50% of students who are in the top 25% of their high school classes will never graduate. Most importantly, authorities believe that 10-20% of high school dropouts are gifted (Rimm 1995 as qtd in Pagnani). Some gifted underachievers are identified from their test scores (Pagnani 2009). But those who have not been identified are not too easy to locate, especially if they are from minority groups. They are not too easily detected by educators especially if they keep their talents hidden and then blend with the crowd. And often, their creativity is even perceived as rebelliousness or disorderly conduct and escapes expert notice (Davis 2003 as qtd in Pagnani). Characteristics of Gifted Underachievers But they can be recognized as possessing certain characteristics. These
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