Characteristics of Managers and Leaders

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Characteristics of Managers and Leaders: The concepts of leadership and management are viewed differently by different people though managers and leaders are important in management. Some people view these terms as synonyms and use them interchangeably in sentences and phrases while others consider them to be extreme opposites. Actually, people who consider the terms as quite different argue that it's nearly impossible to be a good leader and a good manager at the same time. Nonetheless, there are some who stay in the middle ground since they believe that individuals can successfully navigate in both with the right knowledge. Notably, today's organizations, groups, and teams require both effective managers and effective leaders to function efficiently. As important people for effective functioning of organizations, managers and leaders have similar and differing characteristics. Leadership vs. Management: Leadership is a process with which a person influences a group of people towards the accomplishment of a common goal. While there are various descriptions for leadership, some of its central components include being a process, involving influence, functions in the context of a group, and incorporates the achievement of a common goal (Ricketts, 2009). However, the components play a minimal role in the utilized description or theory despite of how leadership is operationalized. Since leadership involves the establishment of a new direction or vision for a group, leaders
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