Characteristics of Public Administration

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| 2011 | | YABA COLLEGE OF TECHNOLOGY RASHEED BALOGUN | | MATRIC NUMBER:P/ND/10/3621360 DEPARTMENT:BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION CLASS:ND1 N | [ASSIGNMENT:BRIEFLY EXAMINE THE CHRACTERISTICS OF PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION AND ITS PRIMARY OBJECTIVES REGARDING ITS ADMINISTRATIVE RELEVANCE.] CHARACTERISTICS OF PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION DEFINITION: Public Administration is a multi-dimensional discipline, defined by different authors and scholars, according to their understanding. It is viewed by each author in relation to his political environment. It is pertinent to know what public administration is before viewing it’s characteristics… According to Woodrow Wilson; Public Administration is the most obvious part…show more content…
It is said that the ideals and objectives of government may be very popular, the plans for national development may be extremely progressive and the national resources of the country may be abundant, but without an efficient administration, nothing can be achieved. In other words, even the good objectives of the best policies and laws of a government may remain as mere paper declarations of intent, if the administrative machinery does not function efficiently and honestly. An efficient public administration can avoid waste, correct errors; limit the consequences of incompetence, or irresponsibility while implementing laws and public policies. Thus public administration acts as an instrument for translating plans, laws and policies into reality. As A.D. Gorwala remarks, “in a democracy there can be no successful planning without a clear , efficient and impartial administration”. * Participation in Policy Formulation: According to Dimock and Dimock Administration “In the modern world bureaucracy is the chief policy maker in government”. It is a source of facts and experience as well as of ideas and solution of public problems. I n modern democracies, public administrators participate in policy making by giving advice to ministers and providing them the necessary information(i.e., facts and figures) which is relevant for policy formulation. As Sir Josiah Stamp says, “the officials
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