Characteristics of a Good Leader

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Introduction Leading is a way of seating goals and direction and ensuring that direction is followed, leading can apply to leading oneself, family, other individuals, group, organizations and societies. Leadership is one of the most important factors that influences the success and functionality of any organization. One of the definitions of the leadership is the art of motivating group of people or individual towards achieving a common objective and the influences of the leadership can be seen in organizational activities, processes and results. John C Maxwell in his book 21 irrefutable laws of leadership sums up his definition of leadership as leadership is only influence, another definition by Peter Drucker in his foundation The Leader of the Future says the leader is someone who has followers. A good leader always tries to develop the working methods so as to achieve the set goals and keeps constantly tries to improve his functional skills in various fields, also the good leader challenge the process, have a vision and share it with others and encourage others to act. One of the leaders that I would like to write about is Mr.Arif Nasser Ali Bani-Uraba, who is the manager of pension department in Pension Fund of Diwan of Royal Court. Using his transformational leadership style he brought significant changes in pension department in Pension Fund of Diwan of Royal Court. His key capabilities of being an active communicator, being decisive and courage allowed him to
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