Characteristics of a Good Teacher

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A GOOD TEACHER Teaching can be a highly rewarding profession in terms of satisfaction a teacher draws from imparting knowledge in an effective manner. But not everyone is suitable for teaching since a good teacher needs to possess some essential qualities which make him/her both amiable as well as effective. The ability to motivate is the first point that comes to mind when we think of the good qualities of a teacher. Some teachers not only de-motivate but they have this peculiar knack of inducing drowsiness in the whole class. Motivating students to learn and pick up books to study is big task and requires careful handling. The kind of tasks assigned to students can be a motivator. If the teacher wants to motivate students then he must take inputs from student in assignments. If teacher takes care of students' participation in formulation and assignment of tasks then he will be able to do a better job at motivating them. Instead of thrusting a particular activity or task, if teacher encourage students' participation in the activity determination then students get involved right from the beginning. Creativity is another requirement in teaching. In teaching any subject from science to language creativity plays a more important role than a lesson plan. A teacher with creative outlook will try to explore and exploit magic moments and windows of opportunity to arouse the interest and excitement of the students. A teacher must also look for ways to use his creativity in

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