Characteristics of a Problem Statement

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Problems are consequences based on diverse cultural differences, ideas, and observations made by people. There are plenty of problems in the world; nevertheless, not every problem considered is appropriate research material. It is necessary to go beyond the state of being aware and conscious of the problem. Looking at the big picture often becomes daunting and misleading. Nevertheless, dissecting the problem isolates key issues narrowing the problem and discovering its origin; thus resulting in a realistic and interesting research. Leedy and Ormrod (2010) suggested considering two criteria when developing a problem for the research; The problem should address an important question, such that the answer can actually make a…show more content…
17). A lot of thought and dedication goes in to the problem statement since the researcher's goal is to convince the reader that the problem is worthy of research. In order to achieve this, the writing style must be clear, concise and persuasive. People often confuse academic writing with strange and sophisticated language. Nevertheless, "the purpose of academic writing is to inform and bring awareness of innovative contributions to the body of knowledge. For this reason, academic writing has established a unique and intellectual voice of its own" (Gonzalez, 2011, para.1). According to Leedy and Ormrod, “the problem should be so clearly stated that anyone who reads English can read and understand it” (p.48). In other words, the language used to explain the problem is jargon free. Leedy and Ormrod suggested "say exactly what you mean . . . do not assume that others will be able to read your mind" (p. 49). This is why is important to keep the problem statement jargon free; it will avoid future misunderstanding. In addition, the authors continue to suggest using action verbs instead of passive verbs; this will guarantee clarity. Keeping the problem statement “real” is also an important criterion. The problem statement needs to be realistic in many ways. The affordability and time efficacy of the research depends on how realistic the problem statement is.
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