Characteristics of a Research Problem

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3. What kind of categories can you find in it, and to what larger categories of things does it belong? 4. What good is it? What can you use it for? (Wanjohi, 2012) The questions provided allow for the narrowing of the scope of the research question to single topics. Sometimes, the researcher will encounter a sub problem with no single, correct solution. If the solution to this particular sub problem is key to the overall research goals, time must be devoted to investigating and solving this sub problem or the research will stall (Bell, 1990). The third and final step of the process is developing the hypothesis for the research. Rogers (1966), defines the hypothesis as “Single tentative guesses, good hunches –assumed for use in devising theory or planning experiments intended to be given a direct experimental test when possible” (p. 27). Simply put, the hypothesis is a clear statement of what the research entails. The researcher must state the hypothesis before conducting research and the hypothesis is essential to reporting the results of the research. There is no possibility of solving the research problem without a valid hypothesis. The research question in conjunction with the hypothesis provides the statement for the purpose of the research. Components of a Research Problem Constructing a research problem is a process that if done incorrectly will lead to an inability to complete the overall research effort.
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