Characteristics that Defines What or Who a Monority is

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What characteristics has America used to define its view of what or who a minority is? Under privileged, lower class or poor. As people change overtime so does the language they use, as such the term minority can no longer refer to a group of people based off of race, religion or ethnicity. The following hopes to define and explain that due to the sensitive development of a young country, being a minority has expanded and now includes persons based off of gender, sexual orientation and affiliation. In America today, where being politically incorrect is almost a crime in itself, it is important to clarify the meaning of the terminology used to define a subject or group of people. We will seek to express what it means to be a minority from…show more content…
This third wave recognizes that society is unique politically, economically and culturally in comparison to previous waves of feminism. However, the third wave represents an increase in the variant of attitudes toward gender equity as well as an increase in the number of individuals who are willing to participate actively in the third wave movement.
Feminism as it pertains to hip-hop is scarce in mainstream media due to the genre’s dominance by African American males. Nowadays the rare positive messages embedded in hip-hop music is clouded by its popularized objectification of women. With derogatory lyrics, half naked women in music videos and misrepresentation of the treatment of women there is little room for feminism. “Unfortunately sex sells in our society, and the media has uncovered this fixation,” according to an article by Brandon Albert entitled, Hip-Hop: The False Advertisement of Women. Yet, there have been a few women who have had a few things to say with creative lyrics, a microphone and an eager audience. Artists such as Queen Latifah, M.C. Lyte and Yo Yo used rap during the 1990s to promote a feminist message and since rap revolves around self-promotion, this promotion influenced many generations. In fact, in 1994 Queen Latifah released her song U.N.I.T.Y. from her album entitled Black Reign. It made history by being a song that not only won Latifah a Grammy in 1995 for Best Rap Solo Performance, but

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