Characterization And Guru Dutt 's Influence On Cinema And Society

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Characterisation and Guru Dutt’s influence on Cinema and Society
By Aman Agarwal(2015B5A7626G)
An insatiable thirst of identity, knowledge, love and wealth is central to the major characters of Guru Dutt’s ‘Pyaasa’. This thirst leads to an intertwining network of their fates where the characters’ interactions on several intersections complements their development.
The protagonist Vijay portrayed by Guru Dutt himself, is a struggling poet whose excellence and art is obscured by his social stature and lack of wealth. The movie kicks off with the camera panning a supposedly colourful (as the film is black and white) garden where Vijay is seen restlessly lying and romanticising nature in a ‘Wordsworthian’ type of setting. But Guru Dutt adds a unique touch of individual insignificance and sorrow to the exuberance of nature.
“What little have I to add to this splendour, save a few tears, a few sighs.”
This worthlessness of individual existence lingers in the whole movie which ultimately transforms Vijay from a person struggling for recognition from the society to a person denying his own identity in front of the society. A series of point of view shots, long and high shots through the streets of Sonagacchi(Kolkata) in the song ‘Jinhe naz hain hind par’ encapsulates the tumultuous perspective and qualms of Vijay about the flawed social system. The dynamic nature of Vijay’s character unfolds when he witnesses betrayal and disappointment from the whole society and love from one

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