Characterization In Frankenstein

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No one in the story really understands why this creature… angel, washed up, or where it came from. I believe he was there to heal the sick child that was in the house that he washed up upon. “He must have been coming for the child… a short time afterward the child woke up without a fever and with a desire to eat.”. The child got better, a couple days after he arrived, that meant something. “The newborn had a temperature all night… he was a lonely castaway from some foreign ship wrecked by the storm.”. I think the angel knew it was dangerous to go out into the storm, but the child barley had any life left in them, so he went anyway risking his life. The angel didn’t talk, just mumbled things in a language no one knew. Because of this, everyone saw him as an “alien”, or the “devil”, but…show more content…
“His only supernatural virtue seemed to be patience.”. He slowly recovered while being treated like a circus animal, locked in a chicken coop but he had patience because he knew that he did good, and was going to be able to spread his wings again soon. “At the beginning of December some large, stiff feathers began to grow on his wings… he must have known the reason for those changes, for he was quite careful that no one should notice them.”. After the child was no longer sick and his wings were back to strength, he left. I believe this angel got stronger towards December because December is when Jesus is born, and the angels are messengers of God, and Jesus is his son. “A wind that seemed to come from high seas blew… he gained altitude… he was no longer an annoyance… but an imaginary dot on the sea.”. I think the story tells the purpose of the story by details, and things that happen. The purpose of the story is to show us that when something is new, or strange we either get interested, scared, or
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