Characterization In The Great Gatsby

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Nick Carraway is from Minnesota and tells The Great Gatsby story. He includes himself as a character in the book. He started by informing us about his character judgment. Carraway stated he learned this skill from his father. Nick vagally mentions Gatsby, which is the hero in the novel. He thinks very highly of Gatsby and says Gatsby is an excellent representation of what he mocks, however, he frees Gatsby from an obligation due to his uncommon judgments. During the summer time on 1992, Nick narrates, that he recently was here in New York, where he goes to work in the bond business and he also leased house that belongs to the Long Island, the West Egg. The West Egg is house to the new wealthy, it’s for those people that complete their prosperities lately. The West Egg is categorized by wasteful shows of the rich and deprived taste. Nick’s relatively humble West Egg house that is near the door of Gatsby’s manor. Nick is not like his West Egg neighbors because they are shortage on public acquaintances and titled pedigrees. On the other hand, Nick graduated from Yale and has a lot of information about the East Egg and is familiar with it. For example, at night he went to East Egg with his cousin Daisy and her husband to have dinner together. One of Nick’s social member at Yale was Buchanan. Tome, great figure was outfitted in a racing clothes, who meet Nick on the portico. Indoor, Daisy in the lounges room, sitting with her friend Jordan Baker, who was a golf player who was
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